Paper cutting art design 10 ideas/images/templates

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Welcome to kirie117.com.

This site from Japan to spread the joy of paper cutting.


You can use these as designs for your paper cutting art.

You have permission to use the designs, but I maintain the copyright.

Please don't use it for business.

1.Japanese traditional patterns and Mt.fuji


2.Rose Wreath

3.Heart shape made with flowers

切り絵 図案 下絵 花

4.Christmas Wreaths

5.Three maple leaves

6.Mini marguerite

7.Cat going down the stairs

切り絵 図案 下絵 猫

8.Cherry blossom

桜 さくら 切り絵 図案 下絵 無料 フリー


10.Cherry trees and small birds

That's all.

Did you like it?


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